Developer Resources

Here are some useful bits and pieces from our source code archives. All the downloads on this page are available for you to use under the BSD license. Click here to see the license. Basically, this means you are free to use this stuff in your own applications, but remains our copyright and you must acknowledge that in your application.


Sticky Note View (v2)

image The sticky notes in Reference Tracker are instances of an NSControl subclass, StickyNoteView. You can add them as subviews of any NSViews in your application. View the code or Download the source files.



Create Snapshot Images from Webpages in Cocoa

SourceFileIcon A simple class with a single method:

+ (void)takeSnapshotOfWebPageAtURL:(NSURL *)url 
                   completionBlock:(void (^)(NSImage *))block;

The method creates a snapshot image of the webpage at the specified URL in the background, and when it is ready, runs the completion handler block with the snapshot image as the parameter, making it very simple to get a web image asynchronously with a single line of code. View the code or Download the source files.



Resolution Independent Resize Bar Controls


These controls include buttons, buttons with popup menus , resize controls and spacers. The drawing code is all resolution independent and the button adorn images are multi resolution tiffs. An XCode demo project is included showing the classes used in Interface Builder. Download the source files.


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