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Release Notes


Version 3.2.2

Fixed a bug that could cause DOI lookups to timeout.
Fixed a bug that could cause the Formatted Reference List window to remain open after its document is closed.


Version 3.2.1

Added swipe gestures to remove references from groups and delete references.
Fixed a bug that could cause the 'Change Reference To..." menu to be greyed out.
Fixed a but that could prevent files from being attached when dragged and dropped onto a reference.


Version 3.2

All new UI for macOS Big Sur.
Improved Quicklook integration.
Improved Spotlight integration.
Minimum OS requirement has been updated to macOS 11.1.


Version 3.1.2

Fixed a bug were undo and redo might not be available is certain situations.


Version 3.1.1

Improved Spotlight and Quicklook integrations.
Improved APA 7th Ed style for broadcasts.
Fixed a bug were some icons in Styles Manager were not visible on macOS 11 Big Sur.
Fixed a bug where closing a document under certain conditions could cause a crash on macOS 11 Big Sur.
Fixed a bug that could prevent new references from being saved to existing documents.


Version 3.1

Reference Tracker is now a universal app for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.
Updated document file format.
Fixed a bug where duplicate documents could be created in iCloud Drive.
Fixed a bug that could prevent documents being moved to and from iCloud Drive.
Fixed a bug that could cause QuickLooks of documents to display a document icon instead of the document contents.


Version 3.0

Updated and improved UI including Dark Mode support.
Added file attachments for each individual reference in a project.
Added iCloud Documents support.
Added keywords (tags) to references.
Added Smart Groups.
Added new interface for creating and editing styles.
Added new line and paragraphed break options for formatted reference list generation.
Added support for full persistent customisation of generated formatted reference lists.
Improved performance and reliability of publication lookup and searches.
Improved sticky notes.
General bug fixes and other improvements.
Minimum OS requirement has been updated to macOS 10.14.


Version 2.7.2

Fixed a bug that caused ISBN Lookup and Book Search to timeout.


Version 2.7.1

Fixed bugs and compatibility issues on macOS Mojave (10.14).


Version 2.7

Improved RIS file importing for better compatibility with files generated by MEDLINE.
Fixed a bug where not all search results would be displayed after an article search.
Fixed a bug that would show the wrong dialogue after a failed book search.
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if a large number or documents were created and closed within a short time.
Fixed a bug that would cause the size and position of Sticky Notes to reset to defaults.
Fixed a bug that could cause sticky notes to draw incorrectly on Mac OS X Mojave (10.14).


Version 2.6

Added MLA 8th Edition to the built in styles.
Added additional name ordering options for custom reference styles.
Improved name ordering in all built in styles.
Improved ISBN lookup.
Fixed a bug that could incorrectly display an error when looking up an ISBN.
Fixed a bug that could potentially cause a crash when launching the app on Mac OS X 10.7
Compatible with macOS Sierra (10.12).


Version 2.5

Added in document reference searching.
Added custom in-text citation formatting to the styles editor.
Added in-text citation formats for all built in styles.
Added a quick copy feature for formatted references, in-text citations and cited text.
Added a numbered citation variant to the built in ACM style.
Added reference numbering to the built in Vancouver style.
Compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11).


Version 2.4

Improved grammar in the built in APA style.
Improved copy/pasting references from Reference Tracker to other applications.
Improved formatting of imported search and lookup results.
Improvements to the drag-and-drop Styles Editor.
Fixed a bug where exporting from the Formatted Reference List would export all references in the document, not just those in the list.
Fixed a bug that caused some older articles not to import correctly from search results.


Version 2.3

Compatibility with Mac OS X Yosemite.
Updated the built in APA style to prefer DOIs over URLs in formatted references.
Improved UI in the Styles Manager and Style Editor.
Fixed a bug with importing Reference Tracker v1 documents.
Fixed a bug with the Cited Text field.


Version 2.2

New automatic and manual reference numbering.
New Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) reference style built in.
Improved RIS import compatibility.
Improved BibTex import compatibility.


Version 2.1

Improved ISBN lookup.
Improved article search.

Fixed a bug where incomplete reference styles could be shared to the cloud.
Fixed a bug where ISBN lookup results could be imported with missing data.
Fixed a bug where open link buttons in documents could reposition incorrectly when the document window was resized.
Fixed a bug that could cause Reference Tracker to crash on startup on OS X 10.7.
Fixed tabbing between fields in the Publication Search sheet.


Version 2.0 (Final)

Fixed Searching Progress UI in Publication Lookup and Publication Search.
Fixed bug with sticky notes not updating properly when switching between references.
Fixed bug with BibTex importer, where accented characters in a BibTex file were not read properly.
Fixed bug with accented characters not being formatted properly files exported in the BibTex Format.


Version 2.0 Beta 2

Improved document icons.
Improved version checking and updating.


Version 2.0 Beta 1

New streamlined and simplified user interface with support for Retina screens.
New reference formatting engine for improved layout and punctuation handling, and improved handling of references with partial data.
New custom reference style editor.
New custom style sharing system.
New, more robust document format.
Added support for DOIs (document object identifiers) in formatted references.
Added native opening of BibTex and RIS files.

Improved publication lookup with support for DOIs (document object identifiers).
Improved publication searching with support for journal article searches.
Improved lookup and searching with better online databases (and removal of Amazon as a search option).
Improved layout and formatting controls for formatted reference lists.
Improved BibTex importing and exporting.
Improved RIS importing and exporting.
Updated help.

Fixed bug with auto updating.

Reference Tracker is now a Sandboxed application, for improved system security.
Reference Tracker is code-signed with a Developer ID for Gate Keeper compatibility and improved security.
Reference Tracker now requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher, on 64bit processors.



Version 1.7.1

Fixed a bug that could cause imported publication search results not to be visible until the document was saved when running on Mac OS X 10.7.


Version 1.7

Improved the speed and compatibility of BibTex file importing.
Improved the speed and compatibility of RIS file importing.
Fixed a bug that would give an error when sending a formatted list to Pages.


Version 1.6.2

Added support for FireFox version 3.6.
Fixed a bug that could cause BibTex file importing to fail under Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
Improved punctuation in APA formatted references.


Version 1.6.1

Fixed a bug that could prevent new sticky notes from being created.


Version 1.6

Added support for the Australian Government Publication Service (AGPS) Harvard reference style.

Improved compatibility with Pages '08, '09 and Microsoft Word.
Improved punctuation in Harvard formatted references.
Replaced the missing link button from the URL field in Online Article reference type UI.
Removed the 'untitled' document created when the application is launched by opening an existing document.

Fixed a bug where documents with sticky notes would be marked as needing saved immediately after opening.
Fixed a bug where details for an Online Article type reference entered in the formatted list importer would not be imported.
Fixed memory leak bugs.


Version 1.5

Added support for the APA 6th Edition reference style.
Added support for the MLA 7th Edition reference style.
Added the current date as the default for new publications with a 'Date Accessed' field.

Improved the accuracy of the formatted reference list importer.

Fixed a bug that caused Newspaper articles to format incorrectly in the APA style.
Fixed a bug where changes to 'Page Number' fields were not immediately recorded.


Version 1.4

Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
Improves the speed and responsiveness of publication searches and ISBN lookups.


Version 1.3

New optional numbering in formatted reference lists.
Compatibility updates for Amazon lookups.


Version 1.2

New outputting of bracketed citations for appropriate styles.
New outputting of footnote formatted references for appropriate styles.
New page numbers field for all 'paper' reference types.

Improved formatting and punctuation in reference list formatting.


Version 1.1

New MLA and Chicago/Turabian reference styles.
New Online Article reference type.
New support for Nisus Writer Pro in the Send to Word Processor feature.

Improved reliability and accuracy of formatted list importing.
Improved formatting and punctuation in reference list formatting.
Improved BibTex exporting.

Fixed a bug that could cause the BibTex importer to fail.
Fixed a bug that could cause the formatted reference list importer to fail.
Fixed a bug that caused the layout of document windows to distort.


Version 1.0

New 'Send To Word Processor' feature to send formatted lists to open Word or Pages documents.
New Importing features to import Reference lists from word processor documents, BibTex and RIS files.
New export to BibTex or RIS feature.
New Reference Types: Conference Proceedings and Broadcast.

Fixed spacing in formatted references.


Beta 4 (v0.4)

Replaced Amazon search with a new Publication search the searches multiple libraries and databases around the world.
Enhanced ISBN Lookup.
Added formatting of author names returned from searches to 'Surname, Initial.'
Added 'Conference Paper' reference type.

Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when saving.
Fixed punctuation problems in formatted references.
Fixed graphical glitches with the 'Chapter in Book' reference type.
Fixed a bug with scrolling through cited text with cursor keys.

This beta expires on 30 September 2008.


Beta 3 Update 1 (v0.3.1)

This update fixes various graphical glitches with Sticky Notes and Cited Text.

This beta expires on 31 August 2008.


Beta 3 (v0.3)

Added support for the APA (American Psychological Association) reference style.
Added ability to stored cited text with references.

Fixed punctuation formatting in Harvard style references.

This beta expires on 31 August 2008.


Beta 2 (v0.2)

Adding support for referencing webpages open in Firefox.
Added 'Go' button to 'Available From' fields.
Increased maximum size for sticky notes.

Fixed bug with resizing document windows.
Fixed colouring in groups list.

This beta expires on 31 March 2008.


Beta 1 (v0.1)

First public release.

This beta expires on 30 January 2008.